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Speedy J (Jochem Paap, Electric Deluxe, Public Energy, Tune, Problem House, Collabs, Zeitgeber) - Discography (1990-2014) скачать в формате flac

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Artist / Исполнитель: Speedy J (Jochem Paap, Electric Deluxe,Public Energy, Tune, Problem House, Collabs, Zeitgeber)
Title Of Album / Альбом: Дискography
Year Of Release / Год: 1990-2014
Label / Студия: Warp Records/Plus 8 Records/NovaMute
Country / Страна: Netherlands
Genre / Жанр: Techno, IDM, Abstract, Industrial, Ambient
Quality / Формат: FLAC (tracks)
Bitrate / Битрейт: Lossless
Total time / Общее время: 28:30:46
Размер архива / Full Size: 10 gb
WebSite: wikipedia

Jochem Paap (the Rotterdam Artist / Исполнитель owes the nickname Speedy J to hisDJ skills) is unanimously considered to be one of the first technoproducers to come from the Benelux. Together with people likeLaurent Garnier, Aphex Twin and Richie Hawtin he helped raising theGenre / Жанр just after it had escaped the Detroit delivery room.

Since the early nineties, Speedy J releases on Label / Студияs like Plus 8,Warp and Novamute. But while techno develops into a dominatingforce on many dance floors worldwide, Jochem Paap, after the albumsGinger (1993) and G Spot (1995), turns left and heads for otherexciting places.

On Public Energy No. 1 (1997) and A Shocking Hobby (2000) the soundwizard exchanges flowing, harmonious techno for a much more complexsound, filled with colliding samples, crackling rhythms andtremendously thrilling turns.

After fifteen years of techno Speedy J now has come full circle.But what a wide circle it was, and how fickle the trodden path.Over the years he has collaborated with video-Artist / Исполнительs, filmmakersand advertisers, made the pioneering DVD Umfeld, an audio-visual,electronic trip, which sets the standard for many composers whowant to compose for six speakers in the coming years – remarkablymade available as a free on the internet.

But not only that, Speedy J has continuously been pushing theboundaries of electronic & experimental dance music. Blurringthe lines between Live performance and Digital Djing, he fusessubversive electronics and peak Total time / Общее время Techno. Together with hispartner in crime Chris Liebing he started using Traktor and otherSoftware technology on 4 laptops with hardware such as Machine Drumand 303’s to create a fully integrated set. Again he isspearheading a way of DJing that is picked up by a lot of otherforward thinking electronic Artist / Исполнительs.

Logically, the releases on his Label / Студия Electric Deluxe all featuretool versions, introducing the concept of creating unique live setsfrom parts as a natural evolution of Djing. Not only setting thebar for peak hour Techno madness, Electric Deluxe becomes theplatform for his Collabs series that started on Novamute, as wellas releases by open minded Artist / Исполнительs like Chris Liebing, GeorgeIssakidis, Tommy Four Seven and Terrence Fixmer to showcase thevalue of creative synergy using newest technology.

Another strong part of this idea is the introduction of a newseries of techno events called Electric Deluxe presents, which in ayoung history of just a couple of editions brought major Artist / Исполнительslike Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Radio Slave, Matthew Dear, ChrisLiebing into play.

Speedy J’s musical vision is Genre / Жанр blurring, creative freedom atthe highest level of innovation and Quality / Формат, it is providing aplatform for Artist / Исполнительs operating within any conceivable Genre / Жанр in thebroad spectrum of techno to fully explore and embrace theever-expanding technological possibilities.
1993 Ginger (CD)
1995 !ive (CD)
1995 G Spot (CD)
1997 Public Energy No.1 (CD)
2000 A Shocking Hobby (CD)
2002 Loudboxer (CD)
2005 Collabs3000: Metalism (Chris Liebing & Speedy J)(CD)

Singles & EPs
1990 Intercontinental (RM 2008, Wicked Saw) (WEB)
1991 Pullover (Remixes) (Vinyl)
1991 Evolution E.P. (CD)
1991 Rise (Vinyl)
1992 Face The Future EP (CD)
1992 Pullover - Remix (CD)
1992 The Remixes (Vinyl)
1994 Beam Me Up! / Pepper / Live '94 (CD)
1994 Two Gingerous Remixes (Vinyl)
1995 Fusion Live (Vinyl)
1997 Ni Go Snix (CD)
1997 Patterns (Remix) (CD)
1999 Ieee Mitten Menu (CD)
2002 Krekc (Vinyl)
2004 Collabs 200 (Vinyl)
2007 Bugmod - EP (WEB)
2007 Tanga (WEB)
2008 Red Shift (WEB)
2009 EDLX (WEB)
2009 Sculpture (WEB)
2010 Armstrong / Pumpkin (WEB)
2010 Trails (WEB)
2011 Shoegaze EP (WEB)
2011 Vaag (WEB)

Aliases & In Groups

Collabs (Speedy J & Chris Liebing)
2008 Magnit EP (WEB)
2008 Magnit EP 2 (WEB)

Country / Страна & Western (Jochem Paap & PhillipeHaex)
1993 Positive Energy (CD)
1993 Reincarnation (Vinyl)
1999 Reincarnation (Vinyl)

Electric Deluxe
2000 Electric Deluxe (Vinyl)

Jochem Paap
1999 Vrs-Mbnt-Pcs 9598 I (CD)
1999 Vrs-Mbnt-Pcs 9598 II (CD)
2004 pp • nmlk (Pete Namlook & Jochem Paap) (CD)
2011 Workshops Vol. 01 (WEB)

Problem House (Jochem Paap & Gilles Rossire, Jeroen Verheij,Peter Slaghuis, Rene Van Den Berghe)
1992 Volume. III (Vinyl)

Public Energy
1992 Hemi-Sync / Three O' Three / Benaural Mind Generator(CD)

Slag Boom Van Loon (Jochem Paap & Mike Paradinas)
1998 Slag Boom Van Loon (CD)
2001 So Soon (CD)

1991 Change The Beat (Vinyl)

Zeitgeber (Jochem Paap & Luca Mortellaro)
2013 Body Out / Body In (WEB)
2013 Zeitgeber (WEB)
2014 V - 5 Years Of Artefacts Chapter Two (WEB)

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