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Artist / Исполнитель: Zoot Sims
Title Of Album / Альбом: 12 Classic Albums 1956-1962
Year Of Release / Год: 2015
Label / Студия (Каталог #): Enlightenment [EN6CD9042]
Country / Страна: US
Genre / Жанр: Jazz
Quality / Формат: FLAC (*image + .cue,log)
Bitrate / Битрейт: Lossless
Total time / Общее время: 07:30:29
Размер архива / Full Size: 2,11 GB (+3%rec.)
WebSite: Дискogs.com

John Haley "Zoot" Sims (October 29, 1925 - March 23, 1985) was anAmerican jazz saxophonist, playing mainly tenor and soprano. He wasborn in Inglewood, California, the son of vaudeville performersKate Haley and John Sims, and grew up in a performing family. Simslearned to play both drums and clarinet at an early age. His fatherwas a vaudeville hoofer and Sims prided himself on remembering manyof the steps he taught him. Sims acquired the nickname "Zoot" earlyin his career while he was in the Kenny Baker band in California.The name was later appropriated for a sax-playing Muppet. Followingin the footsteps of Lester Young, Sims developed into an innovativetenor saxophonist. Throughout his career he played with big bands,starting with those of Kenny Baker and Bobby Sherwood following himdropping out of high school after one year. He played with BennyGoodman's band in 1943 and replaced his idol Ben Webster in SidCatlett's Quartet in 1944. Sims served 1944-1946 as a corporal inthe United States Army Air Forces, then moved on to such renownedbands as those of Artie Shaw, Stan Kenton and Buddy Rich. Sims wasalso one of Woody Herman's "Four Brothers", and he was known amonghis peers as one of the strongest swingers in the field. Hefrequently led his own combos and someTotal time / Общее времяs toured with his friendGerry Mulligan's sextet, and later with Mulligan's Concert JazzBand. Sims rejoined Goodman in 1962 for a tour of the Soviet Union.In the 1950s and '60s Sims had a long, successful partnership asco-leader of a quintet with Al Cohn, which recorded under the name"Al and Zoot". That group was a favourite at New York City's HalfNote Club. Always fond of the higher register of the tenor sax,Zoot also liked to play alto and late in his career added thesoprano saxophone to his performances while recording a series ofalbums for Pablo Records, Label / Студия of impresario Norman Granz. Zootalso played on some of Jack Kerouac's recordings. Zoot Sims died inNew York City of cancer on March 23, 1985, and is buried in OakHill Cemetery, Nyack, New York. This 6 CD collection features themost important and challenging of Zoot s early albums, from theperiod during which this maverick player was amongst the mostrespected and celebrated musicians of the Total time / Общее время.


01. Zoot Swings The Blues [Take 1] [8:36]
02. Zoot Swings The Blues [Take 2] [2:25]
03. Trotting [3:44]
04. I Wonder Who [2:34]
05. It Had To Be You [2:45]
06. My Silent Love [2:35]
07. Jane-O [2:39]
08. Dancing In The Dark [3:27]
09. Memories Of You [3:04]
10. East Of The Sun [11:03]
11. September In The Rain [5:04]
12. Down At The Loft [4:25]
13. Ghost Of A Chance [6:18]
14. Not So Deep [5:54]
15. Them There Eyes [5:18]
16. Our Pad [4:40]
17. Dark Clouds [3:06]
18. One To Blow [5:28]

01. Indian Summer [5:06]
02. Leavin' Town [2:30]
03. Flyin' The Coop [3:06]
04. Howdy Podner [5:53]
05. Toot No. 2 [4:49]
06. What's New [6:29]
07. Hot Dog [3:27]
08. So What [2:47]
09. 9:20 Special [4:57]
10. The Man I Love [5:18]
11. 55th And State [4:46]
12. The Blue Room [5:12]
13. Gus's Blues [4:28]
14. That Old Feeling [5:38]
15. Bohemia After Dark [3:38]
16. Woodyn' You [5:27]

01. Jive At Five [5:20]
02. Doggin' Around [4:40]
03. Avalon [4:30]
04. I Cried For You [6:53]
05. Bill Bailey [5:18]
06. Goodnight Sweetheart [4:23]
07. There'll Be Some Changes Made [5:23]
08. I've Heard That Blues Before [5:28]
09. Why Cry? [5:54]
10. Echoes Of You [7:13]
11. Swim, Jim [7:07]
12. Here And Now [4:56]
13. Fools Rush In [4:31]
14. Osmosis [4:44]
15. Taking A Chance On Love [6:02]

01. I'll Remember April [4:22]
02. Flamingo [2:28]
03. There Will Never Be Another You [5:02]
04. Red Door [7:19]
05. You're Driving Me Crazy [4:50]
06. Brushes [5:41]
07. Choice Blues [4:26]
08. Love For Sale [12:37]
09. The Haunted Jazz Club [6:03]
10. Desperation [3:40]
11. Tangerine [6:01]
12. Gone With The Wind [8:12]
13. Harry Flicks [5:24]
14. Suddenly Last Tuesday [6:21]

01. P-Town [5:19]
02. I Like It Like That [2:32]
03. Sweet Lorraine [3:26]
04. Autumn Leaves [4:52]
05. The Thing [5:01]
06. I'm Tellin' Ya [4:54]
07. Nagasaki [2:36]
08. Morning Fun [6:16]
09. Stompin' At The Savoy [6:42]
10. Somebody Loves Me [6:54]
11. Autumn Leaves [7:31]
12. Blues In E Flat [9:00]

01. Recado Bossa Nova, Pt. 1 [2:39]
02. Recado Bossa Nova, Pt. 2 [3:00]
03. Cano Canoe [5:39]
04. Contando A Orquestra [4:11]
05. Ciume [4:16]
06. Maria Ninguen [2:40]
07. Sem Saudades De Voce [6:04]
08. Barquinho De Papel [2:56]
09. Bernie's Tune [3:02]
10. Poquito Cantando [2:34]
11. Tickle Toe [2:41]
12. Lonesome Road [4:24]
13. Instant Samba [2:29]
14. They Call The Wind Maria [3:00]
15. Lover Come Back To Me [5:04]
16. Nature Boy [3:06]
17. Reaching For The Moon [2:55]
18. Don't Fool With Love [3:21]

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