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Artist / Исполнитель: Art Farmer
Title Of Album / Альбом: The Complete Albums Collection1961-1963
Year Of Release / Год: 2016
Label / Студия (Каталог #): Enlightenment [EN4CD9090]
Country / Страна: US
Genre / Жанр: Jazz
Quality / Формат: FLAC (*tracks + .cue,log)
Bitrate / Битрейт: Lossless
Total time / Общее время: 05:04:30
Размер архива / Full Size: 1,7 GB (+3%rec.)
WebSite: amazon.com

1961 saw one of the most important shifts in Art Farmer s career.Having played primarily trumpet up until that point, Farmerswitched to the softer tone of the flugelhorn, and for the rest ofhis life it would remain his instrument of choice. The firstrecorded instance of this change featured on the album Perception(Argo 1961), featuring Harold Mabern on piano, bassist TommyWilliams and drummer Roy McCurdy. The early 1960s were also a busyTotal time / Общее время for The Jazztet, a group founded by Farmer and tenorsaxophonist Benny Golson in 1959. Featuring a revolving roster ofacclaimed jazz musicians, The Jazztet produced half a dozen recordsduring their initial three year run, including the magnificent liveset The Jazztet At Birdhouse (Argo, 1961) and Another Git Together(Mercury, 1962) - which also boasted performances from Mabern andMcCurdy. On 20th February 1963, Art s twin brother and regulardouble bassist, Addison Farmer a highly skilled and much lovedplayer in his own right - died suddenly in his sleep at the age of34, an event that devastated Art and affected him for the rest ofhis life. Following the disbandment of The Jazztet, Farmer teamedup with esteemed jazz guitarist Jim Hall and bassist Steve Swallowwith whom he would go on to release a number of LPs, including thehighly-regarded Interaction (Atlantic, 1963) and Live At TheHalf-Note (Atlantic, 1964). The group toured Europe extensively,with Hall eventually being replaced by pianist Steve Kuhn, withwhom the group continued to play Farmer s characteristicallyreserved and melodic jazz style, during an era when the avant-gardewas becoming increasingly popular. Following a US tour with JimmyHeath in 1966 and a six month residency in the pit orchestra forElliot Lawrence s Broadway production of The Apple Tree, Farmerpermanently settled in Vienna in 1968. He joined the Austrian RadioOrchestra while also playing with other expatriates, such as DexterGordon and Ben Webster. However, after becoming dissatisfied withthe increasingly mundane and unchallenging style the orchestraperformed, and frustrated by the amount of Total time / Общее время he was expected todedicate to such displeasing endeavors, Farmer quit in favour oftouring worldwide. A reunion of The Jazztet in 1982 - 20 yearssince their last album - encouraged Farmer to return to playing inthe United States and eventually acquiring a second home in NewYork. In 1989, he played a major role in the design of the flumpet, a trumpet/flugelhorn hybrid invented by David Monette whichallowed more freedom of musical expression. Almost three decadesafter the death of his brother, Farmer s wife of over 20 years,Mechtilde, died of cancer. Towards the end of his own life ArtFarmer still continued to tour however, and he recorded regularly,receiving a number of prestigious accolades. In 1994 he was handedthe Austrian Gold Medal of Merit, and later that year a concert inhis honour was held at the Alice Tully Hall in New York. In 1999 hewas named a National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master, thehighest jazz award available in the United States. In 1998 he hadreleased what would be his final album, Art Farmer Plays Standards(PAO, 1998) and on 4th October 1999, Art Farmer passed awayfollowing a heart attack at his Manhattan home, aged 71. Thiscollection is a fitting testament to one of the most definingpoints in Art Farmer s career. Spread over four Дискs andcontaining eight complete albums, this set captures Farmerperforming some of his most expressive music, both as band leaderand as part of the now legendary Jazztet. In completion, this setpresents the perfect introduction to Art Farmer s work with theflugelhorn, a catalogue which to this day sets the standard forthis instrument s inclusion in jazz.


01. Bel [4:08]
02. Milano [4:51]
03. Django [4:52]
04. New York 19 [7:07]
05. 2 Degrees East, 3 Degrees West [8:40]
06. Odds Against Tomorrow [11:30]
07. Junction [5:55]
08. Farmer's Market [8:37]
09. Darn That Dream [4:29]
10. Shutterbug [4:51]
11. 'Round Midnight [10:13]
12. November Afternoon [6:18]

01. Punsu [5:13]
02. The Day After [2:26]
03. Lullaby Of The Leaves [4:20]
04. Kayin' [3:58]
05. Tonk [4:38]
06. Blue Room [3:59]
07. Change Partners [5:25]
08. Nobody's Heart [4:06]
09. Tonk [6:52]
10. Rue Prevail [4:27]
11. Richie's Dilemma [5:14]
12. Whisper Not [5:23]
13. Just In Total time / Общее время [5:26]
14. Ruby, My Dear [5:13]
15. In Love In Vain [7:18]
16. Sonny's Back [4:08]

01. Space Station [5:17]
02. Domino [7:06]
03. Another Git Together [6:18]
04. Along Came Betty [5:32]
05. This Nearly Was Mine [6:29]
06. Reggie [4:33]
07. Stompin' At The Savoy [12:20]
08. Swing Spring [5:54]
09. What's New? [4:27]
10. I Want To Be Happy [9:44]
11. I'm Gettin' SenTotal time / Общее времяntal Over You [5:08]


01. Street Of Dreams [4:22]
02. Rain Check [3:43]
03. Rue Prevail [4:10]
04. The Sweetest Sounds [4:39]
05. My Romance [4:58]
06. Fly Me To The Moon [2:54]
07. Naima [5:25]
08. Ruby [4:40]
09. Days Of Wine And Roses [6:48]
10. By Myself [7:07]
11. My Little Suede Shoes [5:01]
12. Embraceable You [7:03]
13. Loads Of Love [4:53]
14. SomeTotal time / Общее время Ago [6:24]

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