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Artist / Исполнитель: Art Farmer
Title Of Album / Альбом: The Complete Albums Collection1958-1961
Year Of Release / Год: 2016
Label / Студия (Каталог #): Enlightenment [EN4CD9089]
Country / Страна: US
Genre / Жанр: Jazz
Quality / Формат: FLAC (*tracks + .cue,log)
Bitrate / Битрейт: Lossless
Total time / Общее время: 05:13:26
Размер архива / Full Size: 1,7 GB (+3%rec.)
WebSite: amazon.com

Renowned for his uniquely melodic, deeply emotional andcharacteristically reserved soloing style, the music of Art Farmerhas remained deceptively difficult to define. Rising to fame as atrumpeter before moving on to the softer tone of the flugelhornduring the early 1960s, Farmer rejected the typical bright andpenetrating sounds utilised by many players at this Total time / Общее время, inpreference of a more restrained style, also favoured by the likesof Kenny Dorham and even Miles Davis in his earlier work. AlthoughFarmer worked alongside many esteemed musicians and arrangersthroughout the 1950s, including George Russell, Quincy Jones andexperimental French composer Edgard Var?se, it was as bandleaderthat he made his most critically-acclaimed and influentialrecordings. Dubbed by New Yorker jazz critic Whitney Balliett asone of the few genuinely individual modern trumpeters in 1957, thefollowing year saw the release of two of Farmer s finest 1950salbums: Portrait Of Art Farmer (Contemporary, 1958) and Modern Art(United Artist / Исполнительs, 1958). Both featured too the talents of Farmer stwin brother Addison on bass, while the latter also claimedappearances from both pianist Bill Evans and - crucially - tenorsaxophonist Benny Golson. Having first appeared together on Golsons debut Benny Golson s New York Scene (Contemporary, 1957), thispartnership would be one of the most important in the careers ofboth musicians. Fittingly, both Farmer and Golson appear in A GreatDay In Harlem, a 1958 photograph by Art Kane of 57 famous jazzmusicians, taken in front of a brownstone town house at 17 East126th Street, now considered one of the most important images inthe history of American jazz. As the decade drew to a close, Farmerbegan to experiment with much larger groups. This is particularlyevident on Brass Shout (United Artist / Исполнительs, 1959), which featured LeeMorgan on trumpet, Curtis Fuller on trombone and Don Butterfield ontuba, while Golson served as arranger and conductor for the brassensemble. The Aztec Suite (United Artist / Исполнительs, 1959) followed a similartrend, with Addison on bass, Zoot Sims on tenor saxophone, HankJones on piano and pioneering Afro-Cuban jazz composer, arrangerand conductor Chico O Farrill. In addition, 1961 saw the release ofEarly Art (New Jazz), a collection of recordings from 1954 thatfeatured the talents of Sonny Rollins, Wynton Kelly and HoraceSilver. In November 1959, Farmer and Golson formed and co-led TheJazztet, a rotating group of musicians that would release sixalbums during their initial three year run. Their first offering,Meet The Jazztet (Argo, 1960), saw the duo backed by Curtis Fuller,Addison Farmer, drummer Lex Humphries and pianist McCoy Tyner inone of his first recording sessions. The album produced the singleKiller Joe , which would go on to sell 40,000 copies and thus boostthe band s reputation and fortunes enormously. This four Диск set,featuring over five hours of music, documents one of the mostexciting periods in Art Farmer s career. Included here are eightcomplete albums from the period 1958 to 1961, faithfully remasteredand presented in the finest possible Quality / Формат to showcase Farmer sexceptional musicianship and skill as bandleader. Boasting too aplethora of appearances from other big names from the late 50s andearly 60s jazz community, the result is a captivating listen as theabilities of this master jazz trumpeter are clearly heard todevelop across the contents of this selection.


01. Back In The Cage [5:08]
02. Stablemates [4:36]
03. The Very Thought Of You [5:44]
04. And Now [6:10]
05. Nita [4:31]
06. By Myself [6:19]
07. Too Late Now [6:00]
08. Earth [4:11]
09. Mox Nix [4:39]
10. Fair Weather [5:44]
11. Darn That Dream [3:59]
12. The Touch Of Your Lips [4:55]
13. Jubilation [4:17]
14. Like Someone In Love [5:57]
15. I Love You [7:01]
16. Cold Breeze [3:54]

01. Nica's Dream [6:00]
02. Autumn Leaves [5:12]
03. Moanin' [5:50]
04. April in Paris [4:03]
05. Five Spot After Dark [4:55]
06. Stella by Starlight [3:53]
07. Minor Vamp [3:58]
08. The Aztec Suite [16:31]
09. Heat Wave [2:38]
10. Delirio [2:54]
11. Wood'yn You [3:19]
12. Drume Negrita [3:10]
13. Alone Together [4:26]

01. So Beats My Heart For You [4:44]
02. Goodbye, Old Girl [4:34]
03. Who Cares? [5:29]
04. Out Of The Past [5:20]
05. Younger Than SpringTotal time / Общее время [5:42]
06. The Best Thing For You Is Me [4:17]
07. I'm A Fool To Want You [5:33]
08. That Ole Devil Called Love [4:18]
09. Serenata [3:33]
10. It Ain't Necessarily So [4:29]
11. Avalon [3:32]
12. I Remember Clifford [3:13]
13. Blues March [5:18]
14. It's All Right With Me [3:56]
15. Park Avenue Petite [3:44]
16. Mox Nix [4:05]
17. Easy Living [3:37]
18. Killer Joe [5:00]

01. Autumn Nocturne [4:59]
02. Soft Shoe [3:56]
03. Confab In Tempo [4:59]
04. I'll Take Romance [4:34]
05. Wisteria [4:06]
06. I've Never Been In Love Before [3:50]
07. I'll Walk Alone [3:56]
08. Gone With The Wind [4:08]
09. Alone Together [3:59]
10. Pre Amp [3:36]
11. The Cool One [2:54]
12. Blues On Down [6:03]
13. Hi-Fly [5:51]
14. My Funny Valentine [4:33]
15. Wonder Why [5:53]
16. Con Alma [4:59]
17. Lament [3:31]
18. Bean Bag [4:00]
19. Five Spot After Dark [3:20]

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