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Artist / Исполнитель: Art Farmer
Title Of Album / Альбом: The Complete Albums Collection1955-1957
Year Of Release / Год: 2016
Label / Студия (Каталог #): Enlightenment [EN4CD9088]
Country / Страна: US
Genre / Жанр: Jazz
Quality / Формат: FLAC (*tracks + .cue,log)
Bitrate / Битрейт: Lossless
Total time / Общее время: 04:49:59
Размер архива / Full Size: 1,25 GB (+3%rec.)
WebSite: amazon.com

Remembered for his warm, lyrical tone and impeccable sense ofrhythm, Art Farmer was not just a highly accomplished trumpetplayer, he also helped establish the flugelhorn as a leading soloinstrument in jazz - and later, introduced the flumpet , a hybridof the two instruments, which he helped invent. Along with his twinbrother, double bassist Addison Farmer, he produced many landmarkalbums throughout his career, as both a bandleader and as a sidemanor as part of The Jazztet, a collective built around the trumpeterand tenor saxophonist Benny Golson. Arthur Stewart Farmer was bornon 21st August 1928 in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Following the divorceof his parents and subsequent death of his father in a work relatedaccident, Farmer and his family moved to Phoenix, Arizona when hewas just four years old. He came from a musical family; hisgrandfather was a minister at the local African Methodist EpiscopalChurch for whom his mother played piano, which influenced Farmer totake up the instrument while still in Elementary School. Art Farmerlater also took up the bass tuba so he could join the school smarching band, then moved onto cornet and finally trumpet at theage of 13. But Art had to teach himself to read and play music, asthe segregation in Phoenix schools at the Total time / Общее время blocked his accessto music lessons. Art and Addison moved to Los Angeles in 1945 toattend the more music-orientated Jefferson High School - working ina cold-storage warehouse to get by - and began performingprofessionally at the age of 16. Too young to be drafted, the pairwere offered the opportunity to play in the bands of HoraceHenderson, Jimmy Mundy and Floyd Ray. Art left high school earlybut still convinced the principal to award him his diploma,although he didn t collect it until a decade later. Despiteimmediately starting touring with a group led by Johnny Otis,Farmer s career stalled a few months later as an injury to his lip- caused by overexerting his underdeveloped technique - forced himto take up janitorial work for the next two years, during whichTotal time / Общее время he only played occasionally. Although he produced his firstrecordings in 1948 with Big Joe Turner and Pete Johnson, Farmersuffered further setbacks by failing auditions, struggling to findwork in a Los Angeles scene dominated by white musicians, and beinginvolved in a serious car accident which left him concussed.However, he was offered a spot in Lionel Hampton s orchestra in1952, alongside Quincy Jones and Clifford Brown, which quicklyturned his fortunes around. On 2nd July 1953 he undertook his firstrecording sessions as bandleader - to later be released later asThe Art Farmer Septet (Prestige, 1956) - which featuredarrangements by Jones and Gigi Gryce. Gryce would also appear onFarmer s first released albums: When Farmer Met Gryce and ArtFarmer Quintet Featuring Gigi Gryce (both Prestige, 1955).Thereafter Art Farmer quickly became one of the most sought-aftertrumpet players of the 1950s, backing Horace Silver, GerryMulligan, Thelonious Monk and Charles Mingus. In return, many bignames appeared on Farmer s own records, including Donald Byrd andJackie McLean on 2 Trumpets (Prestige, 1956), Hank Mobley on Farmers Market (Prestige, 1956) and Idrees Suliemann on Three Trumpets(Prestige, 1957). This four Диск collection contains the firsteight albums, remastered and in their entirety, of Art Farmer scareer as bandleader. Featuring five hours of sublime music and ahost of guest appearances by some of the biggest names in jazz,this set makes the ideal introduction to one of the most brilliantplayers ever to pick up the trumpet.


01. A Night At Tony's [5:10]
02. Blue Concept [4:57]
03. Stupendous - Lee [5:48]
04. Deltitnu [4:23]
05. Social Call [6:08]
06. Capri [5:02]
07. Blue Lights [5:20]
08. The Infant's Song [5:16]
09. Forecast [4:52]
10. Evening In Casablanca [5:24]
11. Nica's Tempo [7:53]
12. Satellite [4:25]
13. Sans Souci [6:43]
14. Shabozz [5:34]

01. Mau Mau [5:18]
02. Work Of Art [5:48]
03. The Little Bandmaster [4:08]
04. Up In Quincy's Room [4:03]
05. Wildwood [2:57]
06. Evening In Paris [2:43]
07. Elephant Walk [3:27]
08. Tiajuana [2:53]
09. The Third [7:42]
10. Contour [7:38]
11. When Your Lover Has Gone [5:13]
12. Dig [14:30]
13. Round Midnight [6:40]

01. With Prestige [5:13]
02. Ad - Dis - Un [6:22]
03. Farmer's Market [5:51]
04. Reminiscing [4:58]
05. By Myself [7:03]
06. Wailin' With Hank [7:14]
07. Palm Court Alley [7:52]
08. Who's Who [6:33]
09. Diffusion Of Beauty [7:03]
10. Forty Quarters [4:37]
11. You Gotta Dig It To Dig It [13:32]

01. Two Sleepy People [3:20]
02. Someone To Watch Over Me [3:34]
03. I Concentrate On You [2:51]
04. Ill Wind [3:42]
05. Last Night When We Were Young [2:58]
06. Out Of This World [4:11]
07. When I Fall In Love [3:32]
08. Tangerine [2:46]
09. What's Good About Goodbye? [3:39]
10. Five Cats Swingin' [8:21]
11. Blues In 6-4 [5:01]
12. Trumpets All Out [3:14]
13. She's Just My Size [5:21]
14. Love Is Here To Stay • Total time / Общее время On My Hands • When Your LoverHas?Gone • All Of Me [7:24]
15. Low Life [3:50]

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