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Artist / Исполнитель: Kayak
Title Of Album / Альбом: Journey Through Total time / Общее время [21CD Box Set](Remastered 2017, Complete Studio Album Collection)
Year Of Release / Год: 2017
Label / Студия (Каталог #): Vertigo Records / Write On Productions /EMI Music / Universal Music
Country / Страна: Netherlands
Genre / Жанр: Pop Rock / Progressive Rock / Symphonic Rock
Quality / Формат: FLAC (*image+.cue+.log,scans)
Bitrate / Битрейт: Lossless
Total time / Общее время: 18:29:37
Размер архива / Full Size: 8,12 GB

1973 See See The Sun
01 Reason For It All
02 Lyrics
03 Mouldy Wood
04 Lovely Luna
05 Hope For A Life
06 Ballet Of The Cripple
07 Forever Is A Lonely Thought
08 Mammoth
09 See See The Sun

1974 Kayak
01 Alibi
02 WinterTotal time / Общее время
03 Mountain Too Rough
04 They Get To Know Me
05 Serenades
06 Woe And Alas
07 Mireille
08 Trust In The Machine
09 His Master's Noise

1975 Royal Bed Bouncer
01 Royal Bed Bouncer
02 Life Of Gold
03 (You're So) Bizarre
04 Bury The World
05 Chance For A LifeTotal time / Общее время
06 If This Is Your Welcome
07 Moments Of Joy
08 Patricia Anglaia
09 Said No Word
10 My Heart Never Changed

1976 The Last Encore
01 Back To The Front
02 Nothingness
03 Love Of A Victim
04 Land On The Water
05 The Last Encore
06 Do You Care
07 Still My Heart Cries For You
08 Relics From A Distant Age
09 Love Me Tonight / Get On Board
10 Evocation
11 Raid Your Own House
12 Well Done

1977 Starlight Dancer
01 Daughter Or Son
02 Starlight Dancer
03 Want You To Be Mine
04 Letdown
05 Irene
06 Golddust
07 May
08 Turn The Tide
09 Dead Bird Flies Forever
10 Sweet Revenge
11 Where Do We Go From Here

1978 Phantom Of The Night
01 Winning Ways
02 Keep The Change
03 Ruthless Queen
04 Crime Of Passion
05 First Signs Of Spring
06 Daphne (Laurel Tree)
07 The Poet And The One Man Band
08 No Man's Land
09 Journey Through Total time / Общее время
10 Phantom Of The Night

1980 Periscope Life
01 Astral Aliens
02 What's In A Name
03 Stop That Song
04 If You Really Need Me Now
05 Periscope Life
06 Beggars Can't Be Choosers
07 The Sight
08 Lost Blue Of Chartres
09 Anne
10 One Way Or Another
11 Sad To Say Farewell

1981 Merlin
01 Merlin
02 Tintagel
03 The Sword In The Stone
04 The King's Enchanter
05 Niniane (Lady Of The Lake)
06 Seagull
07 Boogie Heart
08 Now That We've Come This Far
09 Can't Afford To Lose
10 Love's Aglow

2000 Close To The Fire
01 Close To The Fire
02 When Hearts Grow Cold
03 Dream Child
04 Frozen Flame
05 Forever
06 Worlds Apart
07 Crusader
08 Two Wrongs (Don't Make A Right)
09 Anybody's Child
10 Here Today
11 Just A Matter Of Total time / Общее время
12 Full Circle
13 Ruthless Queen

2001 Night Vision
01 Icarus
02 Miracle Man
03 Cassandra
04 A Million Years
05 Water For Guns
06 The Way Of The World
07 Hold Me Forever
08 Tradition
09 All Over Again
10 Life Without Parole
11 How
12 Carry On Boy
13 Good Riddance
14 Rings Of Saturn

2003 Merlin - Bard Of The Unseen

01 Merlin
02 Tintagel
03 The Future King
04 The Sword In The Stone
05 When The Seer Looks Away
06 Branded
07 At Arthur's Court
08 The Otherworld
09 The Purest Of Knights
10 Friendship And Love
11 The King's Enchanter
12 Niniane (Lady Of The Lake)
13 The Last Battle
14 Avalon

2005 Nostradamus - The Fate Of Man 2CD
01 The Secret Study
02 Overture - A Strange And Cryptic Tale
03 Friends Of The Stars 1
04 Celestial Science
05 The Student
06 Dance Of Death 1
07 Fresh Air, Running Water, Rose Pills
08 The Monk's Comment 1
09 Seekers Of Truth 1
10 Dance Of Death 2
11 Save My Wife
12 The Monk's Comment 2
13 Pagan's Paradise
14 The Inquisition
15 The Wandering Years
16 The Monk's Comment
17 If History Was Mine Alone
18 Friend Of The Stars 2

01 A Man With Remarkable Talents
02 Settle Down
03 The Monk's Comment 4
04 The Flying Squadron
05 Dance Of Mirrors
06 A Cruel Death, The Monk's Comment 5
07 A Royal Invitation
08 Tell Me All
09 The Tournament
10 The Golden Cage
11 Seekers Of Truth 2
12 Living In Two Realities
13 Act Of Despair
14 The Secret Study 2
15 The Centuries
16 (You Won't Find Me) Alive At Sunrise
17 Friend Of The Stars 3
18 Epilogue - The Fate Of Man

2008 Coming Up For Air
1 Alienation
02 Man In The Cocoon
03 Total time / Общее время Stand Still
04 Freezing
05 Medea
06 Daughter Of The Moon
07 Undecided
08 Sad State Of Affairs
09 About You Without You
10 The Mask And The Mirror
11 Selfmade Castle
12 What I'm About To Say
13 Wonderful Day
14 Broken White
15 Coming Up For Air

2009 Letters From Utopia 2CD
01 Rhea
02 Because I ...
03 Turbulence
04 Before The Angels Fell
05 Breaking The News
06 For All The Wrong Reasons
07 Under The Radar
08 Hard Work
09 Nobody Wins
01 Circles In The Sand
02 Never Was
03 Glass Bottom Boat
04 Horror In Action
05 A Whisper
06 Parallel Universe
07 Let The Record Show
08 Brothers In Rhyme
09 When The Love Has Gone
10 Letters From Utopia

2011 Anywhere But Here
01 Credible Lie
02 November Morning
03 Behind The Scenes
04 Anywhere But Here
05 Most Underrated Band In The World
06 Hunter And Prey
07 In Between Tides
08 Passing Cloud
09 Demon In Her Eyes
10 Life Is Good
11 Wherever She Goes
12 Messinian Skies
13 Over You
14 Bang

2014 Cleopatra - The Crown Of Isis 2CD
01 The Living Isis
02 A Family Divided
03 Alexandria
04 She Rules My World (I)
05 Goodbye Pharos
06 Stranger In Rome
07 Hail
08 She Came, She Saw, She Conquered
09 The Ides Of March
10 Matters Of The Heart
11 The Curse Of Isis
01 Tarsus
02 Whatever It Takes
03 The Crown Of Isis
04 Philae
05 The Inimitable Livers
06 The Queen Of Kings
07 Actium
08 Setting Things Straight
09 The Message
10 Larger Than Life
11 The Arms Of Isis
12 Alexandra Reprise
13 That Sacred Kiss

2017 More Kayak 2CD
01 Fluffy (Single Only) / High Tide Formation
02 White Walls (B-Side Single Fluffy) / High Tide Formation
03 Give It A Name (B-Side Single See See Sun)
04 Try To Write A Book (B-Side Single Lyrics)
05 Bulldozer (Non Album Track)
06 We Are Not Amused (Single Only)
07 Chance For A LifeTotal time / Общее время (Single Edit)
08 Boezem (Albumtrack From Zing Je Moerstaal)
09 Ballad For A Lost Friend (B-Side Single Phantom Of TheNight)
10 I Want You To Be Mine (USA Album Version)
11 Irene (USA Album Version)
12 Ivory Dance (B-Side Single Ruthless Queen)
13 Theme From Spetters (Single Only)
14 Total Loss (Single Only)
15 What's Done Is Done (B-Side Single Total Loss)
16 Eyewitness (Albumtrack From Eyewitness)
17 Only You And I Know (Albumtrack From Eyewitness)
18 Who's Fooling Who (Albumtrack From Eyewitness)
19 Monte Carlo Rally (No Total Loss) (Single Only)
20 The Car Enchanters (Sikkens Song) (Single Only)
21 If This Ain't Love (Single Only) / The Plan
22 Hit Bottom (B-Side Single If This Ain't Love) / The Plan

01 Close To The Fire (Radio Edit)
02 Love Lies (Demo / Bonus Track On Japenese Version Of Close ToThe Fire)
03 Cried For Love (Demo / Bonus Track On Japenese Version Of CloseTo The Fire)
04 Never Before (Bonus Track On Japenese Version Of NightVision)
05 The Inquisition (New Edit)
06 Beat The Clock (B-Side Of Single Undecided)
07 Dear Lover (Bonus Track On Th 35th Anniversary Box)
08 Life Is Good (Special Remix)
09 Symmetry (2012 Version)
10 Cleopatra The Crown Of Isis (Original Edit)
11 Lost In Hell (Demo / Never Relesed Before) / Ten RideTicket
12 A 1000 Dreams (Demo / Never Relesed Before) / Ten RideTicket
13 Scardia (Demo / Never Relesed Before) / Ten Ride Ticket
14 Green Eyed Morning (Demo / Never Relesed Before) / Ten RideTicket
15 Catch Your Dreams (Demo / Never Relesed Before) / Ten RideTicket
16 Children Unite (Demo / Never Relesed Before) / Ten RideTicket
17 It's Your Problem (Demo / Never Relesed Before) / Ten RideTicket
18 Still Try To Write A Book (Demo / Never Relesed Before) / TenRide Ticket
19 Happy New Year (Demo / Never Relesed Before)

Rip by ALLexxess, thanks!

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