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Artist / Исполнитель: Isotope
Title Of Album / Альбом: Deep End
Year Of Release / Год:1975/2011
Label / Студия (Каталог #) :Esoteric [ECLEC2274]
Country / Страна: UK
Genre / Жанр: Jazz-Rock / Fusion
Quality / Формат: FLAC (tracks+cue,log,scans)
Bitrate / Битрейт: Lossless
Total time / Общее время: 01:05:12

Размер архива / Full Size
: 421mb(+3%)

Isotope biography
ISOTOPE are Jazz-Rock British based quartet formed in 1973 byguitarist, Gary Boyle with Nigel Morris (drummer), bass player JeffClyne (bass) (Jeff previously was a member of Ian Carr's Jazz-Rockgroup: NUCLEUS) and Brian Miller (keyboards). The band soon signedwith Gull Records in England and Motown in the USA, and startedtouring colleges and clubs around Britain, as well as touring onthe continent such as: France, Germany and Scandinavia.

In 1974, they release their debut album, which is self-titled in1974 & become quite critically acclaimed & fortunately, theband gained equal acclaim for their live performances. Evenguitarist Gary Boyle was voted top 3 guitarist in Britain duringthe Total time / Общее время due to a poll in Melody Maker magazine. In the same pollISOTOPE picked up fourth place in both LP of the year. Due to theirsuccess, it seemed that Brian Miller & Jeff Clyne were unableto handle the success, so they left in March of 1974. They werereplaced by Laurence Scott, a semi-pro keyboard player, and HughHopper (formerly of SOFT MACHINE), whom Boyle had met while workingwith STOMU YAMASH'TA (Japanesse fusion band). The new line-upembarked on a UK tour in June and July, followed by dates inGermany and the Netherlands in August. They then entered thestudio, with Poli Palmer (ex-ECLECTION and FAMILY) producing, torecord "Illusion". The writing was now shared equally betweenBoyle, Scott and Hopper.

Intensive touring in Britain followed, and a US tour was undertakenin March and April 1975. Percussionist Aureo DeSouza was then addedto the line-up for a European tour, and drummer Jeff Seopardie alsoreinforced the band for British dates later that year. In December1975, Scott left and was replaced by Frank Roberts. At that point,management problems resulted in a very difficult financialsituation and Hugh Hopper decided to leave. In March 1976, a thirdalbum, "Deep End", was recorded (production duties were handled byBRAND X's Robin Lumley), with Hopper playing on only his owncomposition "Fonebone". Bassist Dan K. Brown and second keyboardistZoe Kronberger were added at that point, but gigs became sparser.There was one last line-up change in 1977, with only Boylesurviving from previous personifications, alongside Geoff Downes onkeyboards (later in YES and ASIA), Steve Shone on bass and ColinWilkinson on drums, but this new ISOTOPE never went beyond therehearsal stage, only recording a couple of radio sessions. Theband split as a result of management problems and the demise ofBritish Lion Music, an offshoot of British Lion Films. Boylerecorded two solo albums for Gull Records, "The Dancer" and"Electric Glide". He then ventured north, recorded three furtheralbums "Step Out!", "Friday Night Again" (released in Denmark) and"Triple Echo" and mixed teaching with regular gigging around theregion.

ISOTOPE is a strong fusion band with all the characteristics of afusion band. Gary Boyle's guitar style is among the style of JohnMclaughlin & the technique of Sonny Sharock. Their first albumwhich is self-titled release & "Illusion" are the two highpinnacles & define ISOTOPE as a great un-sung Fusionband.

01. Mr. M's Picture (4:54)
02. Crunch Cake (3:55)
03. Another Side (4:00)
04. Black Sand (5:45)
05. Pip Dream (6:27)
06. Attila (4:25)
07. Fonebone (4:25)
08. Deep End (8:22)
09. Mr. M's Picture [Remix 2001] (4:54)
10. Crunch Cake [Remix 2001] (3:55)
11 .Black Sand [Remix 2001] (5:55)
12. Deep End [Remix 2001 (8:18)

Gary Boyle / guitars
Nigel Morris / drums
Zoe Kronberger / acoustic & electric piano, string synth,clavinet, vocals
Frank Roberts / acoustic & electric piano, synthesizer
Dan K. Brown / bass
Guest musicians:
Morris Pert / percussion
Neville Whitehead / acoustic bass
Hugh Hopper / bass (7)
Laurence Scott / keyboards (7)

All thanks to original releaser

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